Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Blondes Really are Dumb.

Yesterday I went into work on my day off to update my boss on whats been going on for the two weeks she has been on vacation. Before going home, I told her I would grab her some food from the Jack in th Box not to far from where we work. Heading into the drive thru I was beat by about ten seconds by a blonde woman in a SUV.

This woman pulls up to the 'preview board' and proceeds to sit there for ten minutes. Since she has at least three other people in the vehicle with her, I figure that is what is taking so long. I turn up my radio and prepare myself for the long wait that is sure to follow at the menu board only to see her pull away and pass the menu board.  Thinking to myself that maybe her and her 'peeps' decided to forgo Jack in the Box for something else, I pull ahead and proceed to order.

Afterwards, I rounded the bend only to see the SUV at the window where the blonde is proceeding to ORDER. Seriously?

After about five minutes, the attendant at the window asks the lady to pull around. I pull up and ask the girl what the deal was. Apparently, the woman in the SUV 'waited a really really long time, and no one answered her.' We had a good laugh at that. After getting my food, I pull out of the drive thru only to see the SUV parked not in a parking space, but in the middle of the parking lot. Just chilling there. I wonder if she thinks that parking in between the little yellow lines are optional.

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